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Youtube meets the Democrats in the land of Oz - the third debate

Last night youtube joined CNN for the Democratic freak show of the week. For the first time, we were given the opportunity to watch the youtubers (the average mentally deficient Democrat) ask the most illiterate of questions from a guitar toting musician (the best of the youtubers) singing about paying too much taxes to a snowman asking about global warming. As usual the Democrats gave the same mundane Democratic talking points. However, there were a few things new in this debate. We learned the word “terrorism” was never mentioned. In fact, it was never mentioned in the other two debates either, but global warming was a hot topic. Immigration was not mentioned either. It is scary to think that Hillary has a definite chance of winning this election. If we were to learn anything from the debate, we learned we are heading the way of Socialist Europe.

Pajamasmedia.com in his live blogging puts it succinctly:

5:52pm We’re in a dead spot, so I’m going to throw one more question out there that I’d like to ask. “It’s 9/11/2001. Airplanes have just flown into buildings, killing thousands. What do you do? Do you take command? Or do you sing ‘God Bless America’ on the Capitol steps, then spend the next six years bitching about the guy who’s trying to do something about it?”

And now a few observations…..

Does Hillary like the word liberal? No, she prefers the word “Progressive.” She states she is a modern progressive. "Liberal," Clinton lamented, "has been turned on its head." She continued to explain how the word "Liberal" has taken on a negative tone meaning "big government." This, of course, is from a lady who wants to socialize health care. One only needs to look at Europe or Canada or maybe Michael Moore’s Cuba to see what a debacle socialized health care will do to the United States. Or a little closer to home, one need only take a gander down to the local Medi-Cal clinic and see how long people have to wait to see a doctor. I would recommend not planning anything for the day. Hillary calls her health care plan Universal Health Care http://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/healthcare/. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Changing liberal to progressive or Socialized Medicine to Universal Health Care doesn’t change who Hillary really is, a European Socialist.

Hillary lists ten issues on her website www.hillaryclinton.com and doesn’t even mention terrorism. Do I feel safer now?

I mentioned the Snowman who asked about global warming. What a concept! In the Early 70s, they would have used a Sun since the argument was global cooling.

In response to the global warming question, Kucinich, the wag of the evening, made a funny and said, “We have to understand the difference between Global Warring and Global Warming” Huh? And then he said we need to go away from oil and begin using alternative energy sources, and then we won’t have to worry about the snowman melting. Kucinich is out to lunch.

We heard all kinds of statements using alternative energy sources from wind (kills birds) to solar, but no one ever mentioned drilling for oil in our own backyard. They are finding more oil in Mexico, Australia, and Russia to name a few, but the wackos in the environmental movement have prevented us from drilling anywhere in the United States.

Someone actually asked a question about Nuclear Power. I have been waiting for this in everyone of the Democratic debates. It is the cleanest from of energy, and the one answer to the candidates so-called global warming.

The answers were revealing. Chris Dodd wants hybrids, electric cars (a total failure), and a carbon tax, Dodd states he is the only one who stands with Gore on the carbon tax. More taxes – who does he think will pay for it? Edwards says “no” on nuclear power. We stopped it in the 70s, and there was a reason for that, and we still don’t have a safe way to dispose of the waste, (wrong!) He also believes Global Warming is a crisis, (wrong!). Obama thinks nuclear power should be explored. Clinton is agnostic on nuclear power (which means she won’t do anything). She agreed with Kerry on his position. “Global warming has the promise of creating millions of jobs” states Clinton. Is she nuts? It could create jobs subsidized by the government. Instead of creating clean and efficient nuclear plants, we take our technology and build nuclear plants in France. The Democrats know nothing about nuclear power and nothing about global warming.

With regards to Nuclear Waste, Dr Bill Wattenburg, an expert in nuclear science states:

New Process saves 95% of Waste from Nuclear Power Plants!
This is the UREX process for reprocessing nuclear spent fuel rods that can be done to reduce nuclear waste by 95% and supply a great deal more inexpensive and non-polluting energy to the world. This process is called UREX. It extracts the plutonium from spent fuel rods in a way that the plutonium is not usable for making bombs. This has always been the main argument against reprocessing spent fuel rods -- so-called "nuclear waste."
The French have been reprocessing spent fuel rods for over twenty years. The Japanese are now doing the same. Their process called PUREX extracts pure plutonium that can used to build bombs if they want, but they reuse the plutonium as fuel in their power reactors.

Michael Chrichton in State of Fear writes the following about Global Warming:

We know astonishing little about every aspect of the environment, from its past history, to its present state, to how to conserve and protect it. In every detail all sides overstate the extent of existing knowledge and its degree of certainty.

We are in the midst of a natural warming trend that began in 1850, as we emerge from a four-hundred year cold spell known as the “little ice age.”

Nobody knows how much of the present trend might be a natural phenomenon.

Nobody knows how much of the trend is man-made.

Global Warming is a purely politicized issue that is not based in reality. You should have become suspicious when Gore said there was a consensus on global warming among scientists. But to counter this pseudo-science, the Democrats are willing to stifle the economy. Global warming is similar in scope to the theory of eugenics propagated in the early 20th century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics Eugenics was politicized pseudo-science also never based in reality popularized in the 1930s by such people as Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford and later used by Hitler to justify his extermination of the Jews. Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels stated, “Repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, and people will believe it's the truth."

This next guy looks like he just woke up around noon to look for his welfare check as he struggled to find the right words and ask the candidates if they favored reparations.

Edwards doesn’t favor reparations. He wants a president who is going to fight for equality, someone who is going to take these people on, the mortgage companies, the bankers, the insurance companies, the drug companies – hmmm – how about the trial lawyers? Obama said reparations should be focusing on investments in the school system and he used the best term of the night, “corridors of shame.” I am sure we will hear more about that. Kucinich was the only one for reparations and evoked the Bible.

All in all, I think the top three winners were in this order, Obama, Hillary and Senator Joe Biden. Even though I did not mention Joe Biden in this piece, he did seem very presidential, and he seemed the most knowledgeable of the other cretins in the debate. My prediction is Hillary will still be the nominee with Obama as her running mate, and God help us all should they win.

Oh by the way, Clinton once again brought up the notion that Bush didn't really win the election against Gore. Of course, she didn't mention Gore's names.

Those were just a few of my observations on the debate. Youtubers were allowed to ask their questions in 30 second clips. Maybe the following should have been the last question:

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