Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol

I have to admit for the first two seasons I didn't really pay much attention to American Idol, but by the third season, I started watching it and I must admit I was hooked. Of course, American Idol would be nothing without Simon Cowell.

I did not put much weight into the supposed eye roll when Ryan Seacrest made his comments about Virginia Tech. I didn't even notice it. You can tell this world is out for blood and looking for anything to tear the next guy down. It would have been cold-hearted for anyone to roll their eyes when someone offers up their condolences about the massacre at Virginia Tech, so it would have been hard to believe Simon would even do such a thing. So when he straightened out the record, I for one thought it was a ridiculous assertion anyway.

But there was one good highlight last night. Sanjaya was booted off. I guess Howard Stern couldn't keep his following. Sanjaya should have been booted off before the first twelve. That is one guy who cannot sing.

Now if you want to check out a hot singer, click on this.

Now is that American Idol worthy or not?

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