Monday, February 19, 2007

On blogging

So here I am again, make sure to bookmark me.

I sat here pondering for a long time, “should I?” or “Shouldn’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I start blogging again? and then it came to me. This is an irrational world in need of a rational mind, and what more to add to this irrational world than me. After all, I am what this world needs - someone who understands the issues, someone who is right on the issues, and someone who is always willing to accept another person’s ideas as long as that person agrees with me.

I was blogging on AOL many moons ago but blogging on AOL is not for the average blogger, because AOL marches to a different drum. All other blogging sites use certain standards, but AOL always wants to be different. What is really happening with AOL bloggers is a mass exodus to sites that meet blogging standards and are more user-friendly. Try using outlook with AOL mail, you can’t.

The lovely thing about blogging is the blogging sites have a myriad of statistics so the blogger is allowed to see the traffic on his/her site. I am still debating if this is a good thing or not. Blogging can make for either a humiliating experience or a sycophantic experience depending on the traffic to the blogger’s sites. For me, it was a little bit of both. Most of my blogging was political in nature, and because most of us know that liberalism is a disease, which I coin as liberalphrenia (where fantasy and delusion fuse into its own reality), I felt it was my duty to help try and cure those afflicted with this malady. One month AOL selected me as blogger of the month, and the traffic on my blog increased ten fold, but then I posted what an aborted fetus looked like, and I was no longer blogger of the month, and the traffic to my site waned to a trickle.

I did, however, have one liberal blogger who loved to comment on my blog, and I am eternally grateful to him, because any modicum of self esteem I had left was there only because I knew I had at least one reader albeit a patient afflicted with liberalphrenia. This particular individual was a rebarbative and ulcerated individual who resented my rational posts, and like all liberals felt the need to point me to the errors of my way. Even though he was a liberal, he read my posts. So, to me it didn’t matter whether or not he was rational. I mean get real, we spend hours and hours blogging (a little hyperbole), and then we discover we only have one reader.

This next election season will be offering up some exciting choices. I mean what is not to like about Hillary or Obama. Hillary, our dear European socialist, is still trying to struggle with the age old dilemma of telling her constituency whether or not she really meant to vote for the war. If either Hillary or Obama becomes our next president, I understand that Pluto is no longer a planet, and it might be a great place to hide out. Not even astronomers are looking at it anymore.

So if there is any hiatus in my blogging, it is not that I stopped because no one is reading my blogs (although that may be happening), it is not because I am lazy (although that may be true), and it is not because I didn’t have anything to say (some may argue that is the case anyway). It is possible, however, the ambulance has taken me to the emergency room to the local hospital and the nurses are filling me with morphine and antivan.

In any event, I would appreciate comments – after all that is how I build my self-esteem.

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